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Do Animated Gifs Infringe on Copyrights?

(Cross Posted from Quora) As of October 2013, there is no US case that definitively states whether creating a GIF made from copyrighted material is or isn’t copyright infringement. That said, there is good reason to believe that GIF-makers would not be liable for infringement because of the doctrine of “Fair Use.” That’s the simple […]

We Are All Hayekians Now: The Internet Generation and Knowledge Problems

The much-appropriated phrase “we are all Xs now,” apparently got its start in the late 19th century when William Vernon Harcourt somewhat prematurely declared “We’re all socialists now.” Since then, we’ve all been Bolsheviks, according to Shaw, Keynesians, according to either Nixon or Friedman, Thatcherites, according to Peter Mandelson, and Austrians according to Ron Paul. […]

To Be a UX Designer for the Law.

“What Kind of Law do You Want to Practice?” Now that my friends all know I’m in law school, the question I get asked most in social gatherings is “What kind of law do you want to practice?” Until recently, I would mumble something about intellectual property and the Internet, and wait for the inevitably […]

My Gear: Can an Android Tablet be a Daily Driver?

Both a Tablet and a Laptop. The first question might very well be: Why? Why buy an expensive device that will poorly perform the functions of two cheaper devices? For me the answer is (A) convenience and (B) the “cool” factor. Convenience is pretty simple to explain. Whenever I want to sit in bed and use my […]

Generic self-admonishing weblog post.

I created this website to showcase my bigger ideas, not daily or weekly musings. Perhaps it’s my immersion in legal academia, or my desire to make comprehensive arguments, but, either way, I tend to spend my time writing long things — interactive websites from scratch, law notes for journals, exams (sad, soul-crushing, law exams). As such, I’ve never blogged […]

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