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    Podcast: I join the Epicenter team to discuss blockchain regulation

      I had a great time explaining my work at Coin Center to the awesome guys at Epicenter. If you are looking for a pretty comprehensive summary of cryptocurrency &..
  • bitcapitol

    Coin Center

    As of September 2014, I’m Director of Research at Coin Center, a new non-profit dedicated to preserving the freedom to innovate with cryptocurrency and blockchains! Visit us at
  • great-wave

    The Great Moving Wave

    The Great Wave off Kanagawa from Peter Van Valkenburgh on Vimeo. A parallax animation of Katsushika Hokusai’s woodblock print, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.” Music is an excerpt of Movement..
  • justicebyus

    The Idea So much of our lives are spent online; so many essential services are performed in cyberspace. We communicate, shop, bank, date, and more. Why not bring the law..
  • tkqr

    Note: TKQR

    In this note, I create three fictional, hypothetical custodians of traditional knowledge, each with their own intellectual property difficulties, each  analogous to real groups grappling with similar issues. Subsequently, I show how..
  • dignity2

    Note: Dignity Online

    What are you rights online? 1. Speech, 2. Privacy and Reputation, 3. Intellectual Property.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to see how not one of these rights can be absolute. Unfettered speech may violate..
  • theatre

    1st Stage Tysons

    Starting a Professional Theater Company in Fairfax County, Virginia.   In 2004, in a New York City acting class, a teacher told me to “focus on the journey not the destination.”..