• Legal Writing, scholarly and practitioner-focused.
  • Technical Textbook Editing.
  • Law Review Note/Article Editing — High competence with MLA style-guide and the Bluebook.
  • Empirical Analysis of Legal Databases — Utilizing Westlaw, MS Visual Basic. Excel, eViews.
  • Client Interaction and Counselling —A sensitive desk-side manner and confident speaking abilities derived from years of acting training.


  • Coder — Particularly fond of Python/Django currently. Solid background in HTML, CSS, jQuery and Action Script (not to mention wordpress — this site). For a web design example see 
  • Graphic Designer — Very capable with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and inDesign.
  • Multimedia Designer / Digital Music Composer — Skilled with After Effects (See my parallax animation of Hokusai’s Great Wave) and multiple Digital Audio Workstations, my favorite is Ableton Live.


  • Firm grasp of economic reasoning techniques. 
  • Can express theoretical models in mathematics.
  • Econometric Analysis — High competency with eViews, some Stata and SAS.
  • Well-versed and passionate in Austrian/Subjectivist Economic Theory.


  • Managing co-founder of a professional theater company, 1st Stage Tysons.
  • Founder of small LLC dedicated to marketing and fund-raising, Canvas LLC.
  • Head of Student Note department at NYU Annual Survey of American Law — Organizer of Note Writing program for 2L staff editors.